Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Floods/Earthquakes - Full Moon at Perigee and Solar Flares

The Moon

Perigee 363,104km (0.0024AU)
Apogee 405,696 km (0.0027AU)

Average orbital speed 1.022 km/s

Full moon + perigee in summer brings a lot of ground heat which aids the development of cyclonic systems, whether gales, tropical lows, tropical depressions or fully named cyclones.

The gales bring the destructive winds that dry out the ground in some places to create dust nuisances in Australia, or if combined with rain brings localised flooding.

Full moon+perigee has also been labelled "earthquake weather", as it can create increased high pressure on the surface of the land, and this has been suggested to act as a possible trigger separating tectonic plates.

For an earthquake to occur many factors have to come together, but sun activity, full moon and perigee are arguably the most potent.

Sourced from:
The Moon
"The Lunar Code" by Ken Ring




  3. You linked that in the post, man. But his predictions are pseudo-scientific bullshit.

  4. How can you say that? And why?

    He hit the nail on the head both times using space weather predictions. Space weather probably sounds a bit freaky to you but. It's real. It's science.

    Nothing psuedo about it....

  5. it starts in june and ends in december. weird weather around the world. hope science is truly paying attention and world leaders